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Jan-Luc de Wolf (de Wolf, in Spanish “el Lobo”), Dutch citizen and Nicaraguan resident since 1998, bought the lot in 1999. It was just a small hill full of weed and a few trees but he felt in love with it because of its location: a 5 minute walk to the city center, a great view of the San Juan Bay and within hearing distance of the surf.

Initially he built, together with his former wife Sandra, a brick house for the weekend and planted fruit and hardwood trees. Over the years they designed and built together with local friends and carpenters the other cabins.

In 2009 Jan-Luc’s best Dutch friends co-financed the Amistad (Friendship) brick apartments, as their dream is to retire together with Jan-Luc in San Juan. They now come every year to “inspect” the premises and enjoy the views, jarden and nearby beaches.

Jan-Luc lives on the property; together with the caretaker family, who already work on the premises for more than 5 years, Jan-Luc takes care that you can enjoy San Juan and discover Nicaragua in general.

See the pictures below, which give a summary of the building process.


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