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LoboLira is the combination of the surnames of the owners, a Dutch- Nicaraguan couple, Jan-Luc de Wolf (lobo is the Spanish translation of “wolf”) and Sandra Lira, originally from Leon.

Jan-Luc bought the lot in 2000 and together they designed the different houses. The 6th of April 2002 they married in San Juan del Sur and organized a big party for over 100 persons in the Lobolira house, at that time the first house they built. To be able to cover the running costs, they decided to build some more cabins between 2003 and 2006.

In 2009 Jan-Luc’s best friends co-financed the Amistad (Friendship) House, as they want to retire in San Juan. They now come every year to “inspect” the premises.

Jan- Luc, a former nurse, is a Coach and independent consultant in the area of Human Resources Management. His CV. Sandra, psychologist, has her own company, DPESA (Professional and Enterprise Development S.A.), offering different types of services in the area of Human Talent Development .
Together with another friend they also developed an online Recruitment & Selection Tool, used in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas, .

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