Your Caretakers



Security and Maintenance

Fernando and his partner Rebeca, are the caretakers. They receive the guests. Fernando takes care of the maintenance of the houses and the garden. He is a skilled carpenter and most of the wooden constructions in the houses are made by him. He also manages the garbage, regulates the water supply and does all kind of repairs.



House Cleaner and Laundry

Rebeca cleans the cabins twice a week and washes the linen. If you want her to clean more or wash your clothes (we have an electric washing machine), she will help you out against a very decent price. They are a friendly and helpful couple, so don´t hesitate to ask for their help. Please take into account their meal times and siesta!




At night you will encounter our watchman Dennis. He waters the garden and opens and closes the gates. At times he also receives guests in case Fernando and Rebeca are off duty.


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