From Managua airport to bus station “Mercado Huembes”

A taxi taken outside the airport to the “Huembes market” costs about U$4-6. However, the cheap taxi’s often take other passengers with them who more or less need to go in the same direction and are thus less safe. When it is dark, we recommend you to take a taxi from the inside of the airport. They charge around USD 20. If you prefer to stay in Managua before heading to SJdS we especially recommend Casa Inti. They can also pick you up from the airport for a decent price.

From Managua-city by public transport

Buses in the direction of San Juan del Sur depart from the bus terminal at the Huembes Market. The Express buses leave at the left side of the bus terminal. There are Express buses which go directly to San Juan (9.30 AM; 4 PM), but you can take either bus which goes to Rivas or Peñas Blancas (they pass Rivas going to the Costa Rican border), which leave every 30 – 45 minutes. They cost approx. 3 U$ pp for the 2 hour trip to Rivas. Arriving at the market in Rivas, you can take a taxi to San Juan del Sur. You have 2 options: a private taxi which costs approx. U$ 10-20 depending on your negotiating skills or a shared Taxi (Taxi Colectivo, 4 pp) which costs 50 Cordobas (U$2) pp. The taxi ride takes 25-30 minutes. For 20 Córdoba’s (0.70U$) extra pp they drop you off in front of Cabañas Lobolira. Have the exact address by hand, as many taxi drivers do not know our location; we are the best kept secret of San Juan del Sur!

From Costa Rica by public transport

Entering Nicaragua, you take the bus to Rivas and ask to get out at “La Virgin”, 12 km before Rivas. Wait under the big tree at the road heading to San Juan del Sur (20 km) for the bus (approx. 0.50U$) or a taxi ( a shared one, $1 – $1.5U (30 – 50 Córdobas ) to the center of San Juan, and 20 Córdobas (0.70$) more the driver brings you directly to Cabañas LoboLira. During the day you won’t wait for more than 15 minutes!

You can also take a taxi from the Costa Rican border to San Juan. This costs approx. U$20, but you need to negotiate before you enter the taxi.

Leaving SJdS

Buses to Rivas leave every 45 minutes from 05.00 in the morning until 17.30. From Rivas you can transfer onto buses for many other places. At 05.00 am and 6.00 am sharp also the direct express bus to Managua is leaving!
As from 06.00 am the same collective taxis are available to take you to Rivas.


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